Planet of Doom FX pedal by IT'S ELECTRIC!

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These pedals are hand-crafted by It's Electric!, in Prague.

The unholiest gear to grace your pedalboard, the Planet of Doom pedal is here to blow them all away. It’s a true doom machine that casts fear in the hearts of your enemies...after ripping them out of their chests.

The sonic mayhem it delivers is fully under your control: the pedal lets you refine your tone with high precision thanks to a pre-gain bass ATTACK control, post-gain DECAPITATE control and a snarling feature, the outrageous PARASITE control.

The final sound you calibrate can range from brutal to a doomsday, while always maintaining a clarity in the mix - like a sword slicing through flesh.

PRODUCTION NOTE: Please allow up to 3 weeks for your pedal to ship out. All pedals are completed on demand in Prague and shipped globally. You will receive a tracking number when it ships.

OVERKILL sets the volume of your output. The maximum setting is insanely loud. Seriously. We’re not liable for any structural damage to your house.

DOOM controls the amount of gain and saturation. It is placed before gainstages so higher settings provide more sustain, more saturation and a doomier tone.

DECAPITATE is a low-pass filter that cuts your highs. This control helps you optimize the output for different amps and achieve a fully balanced wall-of-doom sound.

ATTACK is a high pass filter, placed before the gainstages. It is designed and tuned to control the tightness of your bass response. A lower settings with less bass results in a faster attack and a higher tone definition. A higher settings pushes the lower frequencies and results in a liquid tone with a fuzzy low-end and a longer sustain.

PARASITE is your secret weapon, your tooth-edge sword that changes the character of the pedal by controlling its voltage. A lower setting provides a gated, velcro-like fuzzy tone. Higher settings bring you closer to distortion kingdom with a thick, dirty, raw tone. Parasite affects your Doom settings (and vice-versa).

An extreme Parasite settings gives you a uniquely sputtery, gated, glitchy tone - like an orc choking on its own blood.

Engage The Planet of Doom pedal the same way you treat an orc skulls: stomp on it! Once the LEDs are illuminated, brace yourself: this beast is louder than a chopper ripping through an army of pure terror. Adjust your pedal volume to match your amp, your desired boost level, or the amount of blood you want gushing from the ears of your enemies. Be warned: this pedal takes no prisoners.

Technical specs
The bypass mode is True Bypass.